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Revenue Model

We are guaranteeing our investors a 10% annual return. We take revenue above 10% as our fee.

As we’re targeting low-cost, high yield properties, we expect to be able to deliver strong
returns to investors. We will guarantee our investors a 10% return and as we are so
confident in our properties and model, anything above and beyond this we will take as our
fee. The structure incentivizes us to maximize returns for investors.

Our fee is designed to cover costs associated with:

  • Administration of the portfolio
  • Building our leading market and property research capability
  • Sourcing and assessing new properties
  • Attending auctions and managing the exchange and completion process
  • Travel costs associated with management
  • Overseeing management of contracts with estate agents and other service providers
  • Managing investors queries and administration of the structure
  • Insuring rent guarantee schemes, with shortfalls covered by us

Costs subtracted before returns, include:

  • Stamp duty and taxes
  • Property service charges or ground rent
  • Legal, accountancy and transaction costs 
  • Agency and tenancy fees
  • Maintenance or renovation costs


Our Services

10% Return Guaranteed

We guarantee our investors a 10% return on all our investments. We expect all of our portfolio to exceed 10%, with our fee coming from any return greater than 10%.

85 Properties by 2023

Our objective is to facilitate at least £500k in new property purchases each year. On our
average price of £25,000-£35,000, this equates to 15-20 properties in our first year.

Risk Spread over Multiple Properties

No need to deal with tenants or estate agents & access to non-local markets across the UK.